Useful information

Just to make sure you got all information you would need, we have put some useful information all together so you can be certain about some general facts.

When chartering a boat one of the main factors is the price. We are offering all kinds of discounts to our clients throughout the year. So you can take advantage of our early booking discount, spring discount, special summer discount, late season discount and also last minute discount that sometimes goes up to even 30%  and choose the best yacht for you under the best possible price on the market. 

We even have special discounts for our dedicated repeated clients.

When you recieve offer for the yacht, usually it refers to the boat itself, and all other things are paid extra and not included in the price. This of course differs from yacht to yacht but in general this is the case. 

Extras like transit log, final cleaning, outboard engine, security deposit for the yacht are usually paid in the base upon your arrival. Transit log includes the bed linen, towels, some ammenities on the board and sometime eve final cleaning. Outboard engine is usually optional and paid in the base, but you would want to have this on the board as this is the engine for the small dinghy that is already there, so that you can easier reach the shore when you are on anchor.

Security deposit is the amount that is left for the boat in the base as a guarantee, meaning that if everything is fine with the boat after the charter finishes, the whole amount will be returned to you. If by any chance there is some damage on the boat, the damage will be paid from this amount.

Last but not the least,in fact one of the most important things, is valid nautical license that you need to have if you are bareboat chartering. Croatia has agreements with mostly all countries  around the world regarding the nautical licenses, but some are not on the list,  so before you proceed with your booking it would be the best if you would first check if your license is valid. 

Together with the nautical license you also have to have VHF license so that you could use the radio station on board. If you don't have it by any chance, don't worry, maybe one of your crew members has it which would be enough.


This is only a reminder on some basic, yet important things that you need to have in mind, but of course, our team will remind you of everything necessary during your reservation process..