Charter guide

For your charter to be successful and to enable you to get exactly what you want we have prepared some guide lines that could help you.

If you would like to enjoy your vacation completely, without thinking of anything, and just relaxing, you can choose between the number of  yachts that are chartered with crew, whether you would prefer  a sailing, motor or luxury yacht.  Besides the crewed yachts,  that usually come with at least 2 crew members, you can also charter a yacht with skipper only.  This is the case when you don't have valid nautical license or you don't have as much sailing experience to take your crew on a sailing journey with you. This way you can be sure that you are in experienced and professional hands and that you will have all the help that you might need.

When it comes to gulets or motorsailers, we can offer you all inclusive options or you can choose among available food and beverage options.

When it comes to the price, you can take advantage of many discounts that we are offerring throughout the year, according to the period in which you are chartering.  So you can charter a yacht with early booking discounts, that are sometimes prolonged up till the end of February. There are also other categories like, spring discount, Easter discount, summer discount, last minute discount and late season discount that can go up to 30% and enable you to save considerable amount of money and use it on other activities during your vacation.

Each offer consists of the initial boat price and extras like transit log, final cleaning, outboard engine, security deposit. Security deposit is the amount that you leave in the base and is refundable in total if there is no damage on the boat after the charter finishes. There is also possibility to pay for deposit insurance in the base for most of the boats and usually this is non refundable.