When to charter are where

Chartering a yacht has become the most popular choice for spending summer holidays, whether you are experienced sailor or just someone who wants to spend holidays on sea.

In order to help you organise your sailing week, we have prepared some advice on what you need to have in mind so that everything goes well.

Regarding the year period, most people charter in summer, as this is the most convenient time of the year for everyone. Usually during winter, Adriatic sea can be relatively rough, because of the weather conditions, strong winds, so boats are not chartered in this period time. Of course, unless are experienced sailor looking for more adrenaline and more adventure.

Apart from summer, boats are also well chartered in spring. Adriatic in spring is mild and calm, just warming up and you can enjoy this time of year sometimes even more then summer. The biggest advantage is that ports and marinas are not that crowded so if you are looking for some relaxing vacation with few people around and you are considering between spring and summer maybe spring would be better choice for you. Also if you are a bit experienced sailor and have great nautical skills spring is the best time for you. Another advantage is the price, as pre season and low season have lower prices then weeks in summer. So you can choose a yacht according to this as well, but you have to have in mind that all other extras are paid the same.

Crew members

When organising charter what you should have in mind is the crew that you are taking along. You should pay attention that persons that are going with you are sailor enthusiasts and that they love and enjoy to sail. If you are taking your family with you then this is something you won’t pay attention to as it is understood that you all agreed on spending your vacation on sea.

But if you are going with your friends or working colleagues then you must pay attention. Sometimes having great personal relations between your friends and colleagues doesn’t mean  that you will manage or get along on sea. First of all, when on board there is no place for democracy per se, as there has to be a captain, usually the most experienced person in the group, that is someone who is held responsible for the group and the boat, someone who can make right decisions in difficult circumstances, and it is important that the rest of the crew obeys him.

Also when going in groups you have to have in mind that you take with you persons that are reliable, responsible and that optimistic and interested in sailing so that there are no surprises on board.

Another thing that is important is the route you will take. so if you are in larger group it is better that you sit down and talk this through before your charter, so that you can know in advance where to go and what to see so that everybody in the group is satisfied and that there are no the ones left behind with their wishes.

Boat Type

Choosing the boat type depends on your preferences and the ones of your group. The most important thing when chartering a boat is to look after a stable boat that is easy to navigate, especially if you don’t have enough experience. If you are true enthusiast and seeking for some more and bigger adventure you can choose the yacht you want but you have to have in mind that you have valid license for the boat of your choice.

Also when chartering with a group you have to have in mind that you are responsible for them as well, whether it is your family, friends or working colleagues, if you are the one who is leading the group you have to pay attention on the selection of the right boat for everybody in group.

Where to sail

After you have chosen your crew and decided to charter a yacht, the next question is where you would like to go, where you would like to sail.

If you are chartering in spring or fall, you should choose a base in the middle or south Dalmatia, as this is the region that is calmer, with less winds then in north, that makes it easier to sail.

When chartering in summer, you can choose whichever region you prefer as all regions during summer are similar with climate and wheather.

When choosing your daily sailing routs, try to respect the golden rule: regardless how long your charter period is, try to spend not more than one third of total time to get to the most distant point, and leave two thirds of period for return to the starting base. This way you can avoid unplanned delays and accidents caused by decisions made in a hurry.