With the coming up season Croatian Ministry of Sea each year reminds all sailors, divers, surfers, swimmers to be careful and responsible while on the sea. Each year there is a certain number of accidents that could be prevented if one is more careful and spends his vacation with more caution.

One of the most important things is to check the weather forecast before you start to sail and also to be updated on the weather changes, because during summer in Adriatic local showers and storms are unexpected and yet normal. Sailors and skippers are therefore asked to be better familiar with the part of region they are sailing in, and to ask local people if they are not sure, about safe places they can anchor. They are also reminded to adapt to the current circumstances using their skills and experience. It is also reccommended that skippers renew their know knowledge if they haven’t spent time on sea in near past.

Some of the  most frequent factors for accidents on sea are lack of experience, older yachts with poor equipment, irresponsible behaviour and the lack of agreement. The most important thing for skippers in order to prevent this is to follow the rules and regulations provided by the authorities.

In order not to bring swimmers and divers in jeopardy, larger motor yachts are prohibited to ride within 150 m of the shore, and smaller boats and sailing yachts within 50 m. While on jet ski you mustn’t be closer to the shore then 300 m, and in some areas even this is forbidden, you really have to have this in mind.

So you should pay attention while on sea, eventhough if it is outside these boundaries, if there is any risk of endangerring someone.

Also it is highly recommended to adjust the cruising speed when entering the harbour and also if there are other yachts close to you, to avoid possible accidents. You should also adjust the whole sailing to the experience you have and the current weather conditions so that you are safer.

Of course in any kind of emergency you can always call National Centar for search and rescue. But if you follow the rules and advice from authorities there shouldn’t be any problems and you can just enjoy your sailing vacation.